April "Pools" Day!


Early April brought a new delivery from our suppliers in Hungary: a consignment of three ceramic one-piece pools brought by lorry straight from the factory – a 36 hour journey by road. Having been told to expect the delivery at 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April, we were delighted to spy the Aquacomet lorry making its way up the drive to Rectory Farm bang on time. The Hungarian driver and co-driver stayed long enough to unload the pools using their on-board-crane (one pool went straight onto a trailer for delivery) and throw down a quick cup of tea, and then they were back on their way to Gyor, North West Hungary. No wonder they only spent an hour with us before setting off on their long journey home: they needed to be in Demark – via Hungary – by Friday! Either that or they didn’t think much of our tea…

Two of these three pools have now been delivered to customers and as the weather continues to brighten up, the Sundance hotline is ringing off the hook. Get in touch today to discuss our superb one-piece swimming pools.