Indoor Pools – Choose Fabulous Fibreglass

Indoor Pools – Choose Fabulous Fibreglass

We had lots of enquiries about indoor pools at Grand Designs Live earlier this month – more than at any other event we’ve done before. With our own ‘grand designs’ coming ever closer within reach thanks to the growth of self-build culture, the indoor pool is no longer an unaffordable luxury.

A fibreglass indoor pool is a smart choice if you want to install a pool in your new build or into a new pool house. You can even get your builder to install your fibreglass pool with support and advice from us. We can even install in-ground pools into existing buildings in some cases – just ask us about it.

You’re probably thinking about an indoor pool because you want a pool you can use twelve months of the year. Excellent idea – we swim in our indoor pool every day from January to Christmas! But pools that are swum in twelve months of the year see more activity than outdoor pools. We invariably swim in them more often and we spend more time in them than we would an outdoor pool. And indoor pools also tend to be heated for longer periods of time than outdoor pools, which can take its toll on the fabric of the pool itself.

Liner pools tend to have a ten year life expectancy at best, and this timescale can be hugely compromised by the effects of prolonged and frequent use, as well as heating and chlorine. And if you want steps in your liner pool, they’ll be made of fibreglass anyway – they won’t be a seamless part of the pool.

Fibreglass pools, on the other hand, are heavy, resilient shells. They come guaranteed for up to twenty years – but they’ll last closer to a lifetime. Fibreglass technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past twenty years and the technology behind our pools has moved with it. From the gelcoat finish to the ceramic core and the advanced composites, our fibreglass pool shells are hi-tech and robust.

… And if all that technology has flummoxed you, just consider our pools as “inside-out boat hulls.” Think about it!