Six Things To Consider When Choosing Your Fibreglass Swimming Pool

When you come to choose your one-piece swimming pool there are several initial criteria to consider, and further options and extras such as heating, enclosures and covers to think about. The breadth and quality of our product range, one that we are constantly refining and adding to, means that we can almost always provide you with the swimming pool that fits your exact requirements. Here are six things to think about when you come to choosing your in-ground swimming pool.

1. Size and Location

First of all, do you want an indoor pool or an outdoor pool? Lots of our customers are surprised to learn that our pools can be installed indoors but in fact nearly half of all Sundance Pools are actually indoor pools. Given the right access, we can even deliver pools to existing structures as well as working with contractors to deliver your one-piece pool to site at the foundation-laying stage. To read about the delivery shown in the picture above, click here. Talking of access, we can tackle all manner of access ‘restrictions’ and have employed the use of helicopters and rivers before in delivering our one-piece pools to our customers. Recently we delivered one of our one-piece pools in three separate sections where site access was particularly challenging, and then bonded, sealed and finished the pool on site before installation begun. You can read all about it and see the pictures here.

If installing outdoors, the best place to situate your swimming pool is somewhere sheltered from the wind but relatively exposed to the sun, and ideally away from trees. You will also need to find an area away from existing underground pipes and cables, and should also think about whether you will need sight of the pool from your house – especially if there will be children using the pool. Fancy a large sun deck and BBQ area around the pool? Add the desired dimensions to the measurements of the pools you’re interested in before you start measuring up the garden. Alternatively, work out what space you have to play with and we can come up with several suggestions for suitable pool models.

2. Primary Use

Everyone intends to do a lot of swimming in their fibreglass pool, of course, but our customers actually use their pools in very different ways. Some are triathletes installing small and practical training pools with counter current jets for swimming against; many are families looking for a large or medium sized pool for fun and entertaining around in the summer months; others are committed morning swimmers who want to get their thirty laps in every day of the year in an outdoor pool with a fixed enclosure; several of our customers have a disabled family member, opting for a robust, durable and cost-effective therapy pool. And a few of our pool users are in fact dogs, since fibreglass is a particularly durable product, making our one-piece pools ideal for canine hydrotherapy centres

3. Finish and Setting

The majority of our pools can be ordered in custom colours in addition to the standard blue and white options, plus we also offer special gelcoat finishes on a number of models. Customers choose from a range of tile, paving slab and non-slip coping stone surrounds as well as water-resistant composite decking. Your choice of pool cover is another decision to make that takes into account both practical matters (such as pool safety, maintenance and insulation) as well as aesthetic appeal. We’ll be blogging separately on our range of swimming pool covers soon, but you can read more about our cover options below.

4. Steps and Bottoms

Flat-bottomed pools are now incredibly popular, making up the majority of our product range and excluding only the Sunquest 36 family-sized pool. Depending on how you want to use your pool and how important it is to optimise swim space, you might also wish to consider the different types of entry steps our various pool models incorporate: some steps extend across one whole end of the pool so as to create a sitting bench which is great for kids; others boast a neat corner step entry system for maximising swimming area and to allow for the installation of counter currents if desired, for an endless swim experience.

5. Insulation and Heating

Unless you’re planning to order a pool for your holiday home in the southern hemisphere, you’ll need to consider heating options for your one-piece pool. You can read more about heating options here but your key options are:

- Air source heat pump
- Standard domestic oil or gas boiler with heat exchanger
- Purpose built gas or oil boiler with integral heat exchanger
- Direct electric heating
- Solar panels
- Ground source heat pump (if existing)

All indoor pool basins now must be insulated to a high compressive strength and water resistance, according to Building Regulations. We supply pool insulation materials to line the base and walls of your pool hole, as well as a range of cover options which range from plastic solar bubble covers and indoor heat retention covers to outdoor debris covers, automatic slatted covers and safety covers. You can read more about our range of swimming pool covers here.

6. Running Costs and Maintenance

Choosing a pool to meet your budget is one thing, but running costs and your bill for swimming pool supplies are another essential figure to work out before you make your final decision. What your pool will cost to heat and maintain depends on a number of factors from the pool water volume to your choice of heating method, insulation and the location of your pool. We will advise you carefully on approximate costs taking into account all variables, and can make suggestions on the most economical options available. The good news is that our pools require very little in the way of pool maintenance and significantly less upkeep than traditional liner pools and tiled pools. We’ve blogged about the benefits of fabulous fibreglass here.

If you have any questions about our product range, our equipment, installation or heating and maintenance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01296 715071 or drop Ed and Mark a line on – we’ll be more than happy to help.