Salt Water Chlorinators - The Antidote to GREEN POOLS

This seemingly never-ending heatwave has caught everyone out this summer – pool owners included.

We’ve handled a huge number of calls from local pool owners dealing with green and cloudy pool water for the first time ever – the result of this hotter than usual weather, increased UV exposure, and an increased bathing load!

While we’d hasten to add that we always recommend saltwater chlorination systems (which don’t turn pools green!) we are able to advise on testing and dosing green pools, and we sell test kits and chlorine here at the shop in Griffin Lane.

For a comprehensive guide to fixing a green pool, read Den Garden’s guide here.

Five reasons to choose salt-water chlorination

1. Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial

Warm salty water is an age-old remedy for a plethora of ailments because it kills bacteria. So this mild antiseptic will keep your pool water clean without irritating the skin or causing a rash like chlorine granules, liquid or tablets can. It’s a very wise choice for those with specific skin conditions like ecezema, too.

2. Gentle on eyes

The salt level of a salt water chlorinated pool is 0.7% – slightly less than a teardrop and one fifth of the saltiness of sea water. This makes it gentle on the eyes when swimming underwater.

3. No Green Hair!

Blonde-haired swimmers won’t get green hair in a saltwater chlorinated swimming pool. The naturally-occurring traces of copper found in water is oxidized by chlorine, which then binds to the proteins in the hair strands, producing a green tint in the hair.

4. Cheaper

Whilst you’ll still need to buy acid to bring down the pH balance of your pool to an optimum 7.2%, you’ll spend less on supplies for your salt water chlorinator than you will on chlorine granules, tablets or liquid chlorine.

5. More Buoyant

Are you more likely to float in sea water or river water? Salt water aids buoyancy, so it’s great for little people.

A quick lesson on how they work:

The salt water chlorinator extracts chlorine from sodium chloride (salt). Chlorine is pumped into the pool via the filtration system and sanitises the water before largely reverting back to salt water in the pipework. A low-level residue of chlorine remains in the pool.

Give us a call on 01296 712051 if you’re in need of dosing equipment, filtration advice or if you’re thinking about installing a one-piece swimming pool this autumn for a long summer of swimming in 2019!