Buying a Sundance Pool: How it Works

Being suppliers of one-piece pools rather than builders of traditional concrete or liner pools, our role is to work in concert with main contractors to deliver, install and commission your pool.

Rest assured, however, that we don’t simply ‘dump and run!’ Far from it: we tend to call our service ‘delivery plus’ because we remain on site during and after positioning of the pool in its hole to complete initial plumbing and testing – and then we come back later to install ‘second fix’ features such as filtration and covers.

Aside from all the practical work we need to complete on a pool before we sign off a project, we thoroughly enjoy being on site and seeing it all come together. Coming back to commission the pump room and officially handover to the customer is another great moment for us and one we take great pride in.

How it typically works

Since over half of our customers are in the process of building or renovating a home, the installation of the pool becomes part of your builders’ remit. Whether you already have workmen on site of if you’re hiring a local building contractor for your pool project only, we work in close consultation with your builders.

Delivery timeline:

  1. Having carried out site visits to assess any access restrictions, we will then supply you and your contractors with technical drawings of the pool and our installation guide.
  2. Builders will dig the hole and prepare the base according to our instructions.
  3. We will agree a convenient time and a date to deliver the pool to site by trailer, overseeing your contractor’s lifting and positioning of the pool into the hole.
  4. We complete the pipework and pressure testing normally on the same day as delivery.
  5. Your builder will then insulate and backfill the cavity wall between the pool and the ground, before moving on to fitting coping stones, surrounds and completing wider landscaping.
  6. We come back later to complete the pump room and other second fix installations:

- filtration
- heating
- covers
- enclosures
- sanitisation
- dehumidifiers (for indoor pools)
- pool controller

We have an excellent reputation for the solid relationships we build with our customers and their contractors, providing clear and practical advice on all aspects of pool delivery, installation and maintenance that comes from our twenty years in the UK swimming pool industry. Check out our what our customers say at the bottom of our homepage, and give us a call on 01296 715071 if you’d like to talk to Ed, Mark or Jeremy about your ideas.